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Purim 2014

You have seen the slow evolution. You probably predicted it. And it happened.

I went all out this year.

It came to me on Succos. My son was playing with cars and trucks outside when he wailed,

“I dropped my mordechaicyle!” turning the soft ‘c’ into a glutteral ‘ch’.

And it hit me, right then – a motorcycle gang – or Mordechai-cycle gang! Kids will be bikers, handing out beer and gum cigarettes. And throw in cupcakes for a carb.

So with a good idea, too many Google searches, and an awesome Graphic Artist sister-in –law, my shalach manos was well….you tell me. (Actually the final pics aren’t so good because the cellophane was too glare-ee, so I broke it down to parts)





I think I’ve peaked though. It’s all downhill from here.


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Evolving Themes of Life

I’m going to admit to something I would have never thought possible a few years ago. Looking back, hindsight, is as usual, 20/20, and there were indications that this might happen. Of course when those “signs” presented themselves I brushed them off as “just this once”, or “it doesn’t really count”, but it does, because look at me, it’s not even Channukah, and I have my Purim theme all worked out.

There were no agonizing nights, no tongue-in-cheek non-theme thoughts, no last minute hail-mary’s, but the idea just formed, I did a quick Google search,  and voila, we got ourselves a theme. Now I have to put it together, of course, but that’s not the point. I’m no longer teasing or flirting with the dark side as I did in previous years, I fully embraced it.

This is so embarrassing.

I almost feel like a sell-out.

But really, I am so excited to put this thing together!


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