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Intellectually Challenged

I firmly believe that smart girls need smart boys, but smart boys don’t need smart girls.

I have a genius friend though who argued the point.

“But B,” I protested. “ A guy who’s not smart wouldn’t get half the things you say, and you love to argue a point, take any side, but you thoroughly enjoy the mental challenge of making a point, supporting it, and winning. A stupid guy, or even average guy, could not follow and be able to match your wits.”

She laughed lightly.

“I know, so then I always get to win.”

It was light conversation, and funny comment in context, but I think what she said is actually one of the reasons why men don’t need smart women.

(Ye, men are wimps when it comes to losing, no matter how gracefully they do it)


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Borrowing Intelligence

I took my students to the library to do research the other day. Now I know most of my students do not go to the library on a regular basis, I did however assume that they were all in a library at some point or another in their life…or at least know and understand what a library is and how it functions. Apparently I have high expectations.


One student didn’t have library card, so I told her to find a friend who likes her enough to let her take out a book on her card. She came over to me two minutes later with a friend in tow.


“She said I could use her card, how much does it cost to get the book?”


I looked at her a little confused


“You can’t buy a book from the library.” I said.


Now she looked confused,


“So what do I do, how much do I pay her to use her card?”


Now her friend and I both gave her weird looks


“You don’t pay to use the library, it’s borrowing system.”


“Oh,” she said abruptly. “I’ve never been to a library.”


I guess she thought library cards were like Costco, or Sam’s Club memberships. But even so, if you’ve never been to a library, wouldn’t you at least know that it’s a borrowing system…or am I once again expecting too much from “this generation”.



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Below Beauty and Brains (and maybe Brawn)

Tembow, you really set me off with your first post….so here’s more on it.


Throughout world history, civilization has always prized beauty in different way, shapes and forms (can you tell I’ve been tutoring someone on Global Regent essays)….


Ok, so this is how it is: We all like pretty things (some of us more than others).


When applying beauty to a person, beauty is not acquired; it’s something you are born with (yes, make-up does help a lot [I’m not even going near cosmetic surgery), but I’m just stripping this down to the basics). Therefore people are more inclined to like, appreciate, admire pretty people based on something the pretty person can take no credit for.


Some people say this is shallow.


People like pretty things, and will therefore seek them out…in the ultimate form: a spouse. Everyone wants a beautiful husband or wife…may not be top priority, but it’s something no one would say no to.


In any case, people are constantly berating these beauty seekers as being shallow and there is so much more to care about in a spouse, but you know what, I do the same thing in my own way.


I won’t date someone who is not smart – not book smart – but smart, hold up his end of an intelligent conversation.


The guy didn’t do anything for his brains; he was born with them. And the same way the pretty girl or guy enhances their beauty with clothes, accessories, and products, my smart boy enhances his brain by learning.


So why am I not shallow?






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Beautiful Agony

The back of my foot is ripped to shreds. My toes are red and squished. I have a large blister on the sole of my foot, yet I love my new shoes. They are a black patent leather, have a sizable heel and look great with my black dress, or really anything. The fact that they are slowly killing me is insignificant.

They make me walk with confidence, my back straight and head tall. They make me wittier, sharper and smarter when I wear them. To put it mildly, they are cool.

So, so what if I can’t walk the next day.

So what if I need to soak my feet for hour in Epsom salt to relieve the pain of wearing them.

So what if Johnson & Johnson band-aid stock goes up after every time I wear them.

My grandmother is Hungarian and she taught me well, “For beauty we suffer” and suffer I do.

Trust me, it’s worth it.







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