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Any freezepop that isn’t Leibers, is a tasteless knock off.

As a kid, blue was my favorite flavor, it had that extra sweet tartness that I’d suck out as I bit off a piece and press it against my palate.

I’d push the squeezed ice further back and crush it with my molars, the crystals of ice cooling my inner cheeks.

There would be nothing left to swallow.

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Of Apples and Oranges

Česky: Jablka jsou všeamericky úspěšná potravi...

Her tongue darted around the crevices of her mouth trying to dislodge the almonds that got wedged between gaped teeth. A finger finished off the last remnants; she looked at the morsel, and popped it back into her mouth. I thought she was totally gross for doing that, but then I caught myself doing the same thing last night – just with potato chips.

Please tell me potato chips are worthier for such treatment than almonds. Because I can’t be like her, can’t have the same mannerisms and rationale. It’s a good thing it wasn’t apples either of us were eating, because then even I’d feel the irony of “The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree”.


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Today’s Menu, Tomorrow’s Mincings


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What my kid ate for supper:

  • 1/2 a fish stick
  • 5 pieces of whole wheat pasta
  • 1 tablespoon ketchup
  • 1/2 slice cheese
  • 6 pieces of whole wheat pasta with marinara sauce and cheese
  • 2oz of orange juice
  • ¼ of a yogurt

What my kitchen floor ate:

  • 4 ½ fish sticks
  • ½ cup whole wheat pasta
  • ½ slice of cheese
  • 2 cups of whole wheat pasta with marinara sauce and cheese
  • 6oz of orange juice
  • ¾ of a yogurt
  • 1 challah roll slathered in cream cheese

I call him my anorexic kid. He plays with his food, swirls it around his plate, cuts it up, looks at it closely, but does not eat it.

He also doesn’t drink milk, hence the high dairy content to attempt a compensation. I tried giving it to him again the other day, he took a swig (after resisting for a half hour), held it in his mouth for a moment, then let it all dribble out like a madman onto the chair he was standing on – the chair with the spongy cushion, which will soon smell like spoiled milk.

The doctor says he’s underweight, even if everyone else thinks he’s a chubba-wubba.

Any suggestions?


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Another Reason to Diet

Rooster in grass.

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I hate tree hugger sand the ASPCA. I believe that the world is in the dominion of men and that we are a superior being than other mammals – or any other creature for that matter. With our intelligent reasoning (not just instinct) and our ability to communicate thoughts, emotions, and creative ideas, there’s an obvious difference between the intelligent make-up of man versus other animals.

That being said, I think I’m going all organic, natural, and possibly never eat protein again. After watching Food, Inc, a documentary on the Business of Food in this country, I’m quite horrified. Yes, I was aware of a lot of the issues it raised about corn, high fructose corn syrup, subsidies, fast food, unsanitary conditions in the meat industry, but, as the cliché goes, a picture is worth a thousand words.

Seeing cute peeping chicken (and I hate animals), shut away in the dark, some of them keeling over dead, their bodies unable to sustain its tremendous growth spurt due to the hormones in their feed. Many chickens just being able to plod for 2-3 steps, their bones, unable to support their weight, was a bit disturbing. And then there was a gimpy cow being pushed along the line to slaughter, ragged on because it was moving too slow, and then a stubborn cow, who refused to move, being practically mowed down and prodded along with one of those tractors with pitchforks at the end, meant to maneuver pallets of products.

So maybe a melted on the a bit on the cruelty thing, but then the insanitariness, G-d save us! Putting a face to the e-coli break outs was horrifying. I cried, maybe because I’m a mother, and it was a little 2 year old that died, and my son’s just a bit over one, and it’s scary, and there’s not that much preventative regulation, more like a reaction when there’s a problem. And that’s a BIG problem.

Part of me feels a bit safer, because I eat kosher meat and chicken, and the market is a much smaller scale. But really, who am I kidding, yes, I may be marginally safer than the mass population, but marginally safer is not safe.

And what is this junk that I’m putting into my body, all this corn. I mean , I love it fresh, but then I wonder now if I even know the real taste of fresh corn. All this corn junk, and the subsidizing that goes on (I’ve been railing against subsidies for years, so this part was right up my alley).

I’m just ranting a bit here, without that much substance, sort of working on the assumption that you already know what I’m talking about (and possibly watched the documentary too) – which is writing mistake 101. But I’m really disturbed.

Also, when I watched it, I tried to be objective, see the other side, as a business, as a profit, as capitalism. And you know what, while I understand capitalism, and supply and demand, that should not come at the consumers safeties expense, other expenses of the consumer, yes, safety, no.

When I chose to watch this, like I said, I knew a lot of what it was going to tell me, and I really didn’t want to watch it, because I didn’t want to change anything about my life (but there were no other interesting documentaries to watch – or that there were proper free links to online). Now I’m in turmoil, I did this to myself, but never mind. It’s an interesting watch, may get you up in arms about a few things (If you’re a Rubashkin supporter, you may get very upset about the injustice of his raid, based on the information about illegal workers working for Smithfield) maybe think for a few minutes, and maybe maybe even do something about it.

Below are links to the film, and some issues that it raises.

Film: Food, Inc

Kevin’s Law – Congress

Kevin’s Law – Background

 Monsanto – Agricultural Company Response to Film


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Information Overload

Matt.Scott Thinking

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It’s a phenomena no one has ever been able to explain to me, but everyone believes it.

You know when you learn a new concept you never heard of before, then all of a sudden it keeps popping up in different areas in your life…where was it before?

Or you haven’t thought about, or heard from someone in ages, and then wham, the next few days they seem to crop up in surprising places, and you’re suddenly on overload from this person.

I can recall the first happening many times, just can’t remember any specific example other than one in 4th grade. Our teacher taught us that bon appétit meant good appetite, or enjoy your food. I was fascinated by the French words, and wanted to impress my family with my newfound sophistication. I was disappointed though because as my mother served supper that night, she said something she never did before – ingenious guess on your part in you thought she said “bon appétit”. So that was the phenomena presenting itself as a concept.

But I had the latter situation, with a person just over Shabbos and Sunday. A friend, we’ll call her Shprintzy, that I haven’t heard from or thought about in eons, came up by the Shabbos table. Or actually her brother did, apparently he’s friends with my brother in laws friend and my brother in law mentioned something that my friend’s brother did, which reminded me of my friend (hope you’re not getting too confused with the friend’s of friend’s).

Then on Sunday this friend actually called me.

And then later Sunday night, I was talking to a different friend, and she randomly asks me,

“Have you spoken to Shprintzy lately?”

Seriously, what is up?

Have you ever experienced this?


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Marital Fued (food)

I love pizza, yogurt, tacos, coffee, onions, hot pepper, cumin and tomatoes. My husband likes pizza and can tolerate yogurt (in theory) everything else on the aforementioned list is nuclear waste to him: dangerous and garbage.

It’s really normal for people to have different palates and preferences when comes to taste (and smell, we all know the chazal), and I’m not complaining about that…what I am complaining about, well not complaining, but raising a point. Why do I, and most women cook for their husbands taste and not their own?

Yes, of course we want to please out husbands and make them happy. Keep them contented and full, but seriously, I can’t remember the last supper I made with me as top priority. I’d like kid myself that I am just that giving of a wife, but honestly I’m not.

Maybe, I suppose it’s easier to make sacrifices on your own part then expect someone else to do it for you. (Yes, food is a big sacrifice)

I mentioned this to my husband, he heard my point and encouraged me to make supper for myself, this very night.

“Tacos?” I suggested brightly.

“Whatever you want,” he chided.

I perked up, wow, this was beautiful martial giving at work, I knew I married a great guy! “I’m not gonna be home for supper tonight, R’s sheva brachos, remember.” He finished.

Maybe it’s really just that the old adage is right, “The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach” and deep down we instinctively know it’s true, and follow through accordingly.

Whatever the psychology is, I’m having cereal and milk for supper tonight.


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My Life: In Verse

I found some notes I took at a Literacy seminar over the summer.


The speaker had us quickly jot down where we found poetry in our lives.


This is what I wrote:


My hate the world days

Standing by a friends chupah

Insomniac night wishing I could fall asleep

The things I do to procrastinate

The silent moments between friends

The awkwardness of first impression

Taking off new shoes that hurt so much but look so good

Walking away from a tiff and coming up with the perfect retort a moment later

Watching a storm from safety of my window

Cold fingers that are outside my blanket holding my book

The anticipatory moment before I eat something

Waking up to the smell of brewed coffee


Where is the poetry in your life?

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