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Any freezepop that isn’t Leibers, is a tasteless knock off.

As a kid, blue was my favorite flavor, it had that extra sweet tartness that I’d suck out as I bit off a piece and press it against my palate.

I’d push the squeezed ice further back and crush it with my molars, the crystals of ice cooling my inner cheeks.

There would be nothing left to swallow.

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Depressing Discoveries

I’ll write when I have time, is what I and every aspiring, but lazy writer says. I have ideas, I wrote 5 books – in my head, but pen to paper, never happens.

I’m different, I said. I REALLY don’t have time. No excuses. There is no time. Teaching, prepping, marking papers, cooking, cleaning, diaper changing and plain old mommying (just as I sat down to write this my son came with a Dr. Suess book “Mommy, read a ducky feet!”), make up my entire day, there is no time for jotting down a few epiphanies.

Then my sister got engaged, and is now married (Mazal Tov RL!!!) and I wanted to give her a special gift. Nothing you can buy in the store (Can’t afford that anyway), but something from the heart, practical, and hand- made for her – a cookbook, with a monthly menu, and tips for the kitchen (When you have no time – use the stovetop. No patience – the oven).

I remembered when I first got married how overwhelming the whole kitchen experience was. Forget about the actual cooking, where I had zero to little experience, what I found most frustrating and anxiety provoking was deciding what to make in the first place. Once I knew what I was making, everything was much easier and focused. My sister has about the same cooking experience as me, and I figured she’d probably fall prey to the same mental torture as me, hence the menu.

Of course, since I have no time, this cookbook seemed to be more like a pipedream than an actuality. But I really wanted to do it, just like I really want to write. The wedding got closer and closer, and one morning I woke up and the Shabbos Kallah was a less than week away. And it was the end of the term, insane marking, essays, quizzes, rubrics, averages – big pain, little time.

I really wanted to do it though, so I did. I just did. I sat down, and did it. I even went to Amazing Savings to buy a nice loose-leaf (awesome store!), and then the Dollar Tree for sheet protectors (AS didn’t have). It was done in a night and day. That was it. Probably took about 6 hours total. I don’t know where I found the time. Everything I usually do in that time was accomplished too.

It’s motivating to realize that if I want to do something, it will get done. Very depressing though to realize I maybe don’t want to write as much I think I do.


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Good Enough for Some, Isn’t Good Enough

I’m am amateur baker, if you can even award me with that title. When my niece was born and my sister in law and brother in law made a Kiddush for her, I was a good aunt (and sister in law) and sent something over for the occasion. I usually send biscotti, in a cookie jar. It looks cute, doesn’t require much patchkening, and best of all, it tastes good. I’m not sure what possessed me, maybe because it was after Purim, and I had just made all those black and white cookies, and I didn’t want my newly acquired skill to go to waste, I made pink and white cookies.

I worked hard on them, but that doesn’t necessarily translate to results. I didn’t have the right shade of pink, it was a bit bright, due to my food coloring packaging description of “NEON” (I thought it was fun colors to get at the time, I didn’t actually think about how I might use it, and that whatever I would be coloring, I’d like it to resemble edible food, not radioactive waste).

Also, it’s a pain doing each cookie, one side at a time, holding it between your thumb and index finger; I developed temporary carpal tunnel syndrome. But for a first attempt, they were ok. The place where the pink and white met up wasn’t always totally straight. The pink sometimes overlapped the white a little bit, leading to lighter shades of pink in some places. They were really pretty from a short distance though.

I made tons, so I froze most of them, and worked on the final presentation.

Exhibited on a trendy rectangular plate, wrapped in cellophane and tied with a ribbon, it was perfect – for Queens. And it was easily one of the fanciest things at the Kiddush. I beamed and blushed with all the compliments.

Fast-forward a month, and brother and sister in law were making a Kiddush for their newest addition. Pregnancy wasn’t being nice to me, and I didn’t have the energy to make something. I kept thinking I did, I even put up a cookie dough on Monday. Made the actual cookies three days later, but the decorating never happened (Pregnancy won that battle).

It was Friday, and I was getting a bit frantic, yes, my brother and sister in law would more than understand and forgive me for not sending something in celebration, but I wouldn’t be able to live it down for myself (besides I wanted my sister in law to send something when I would eventually be making either a Kiddush or shalom zachor – selfish motives, I know).

I remembered my pink and whites, pretty in the freezer, waiting to grace another Kiddush. I took them out, and looked at them scornfully. They weren’t good enough – not for a Lakewood crowd. I could never show my face and be proud of my confections here. Besides, these cookies in Lakewood would almost be insulting to Baal Hasimcha. She’d have to put them out, due to social dictums, but they’d most probably mar the balance and beauty of everything else presented.

Last minute I wrangled something together with my sister’s help (who I was hosting for that Shabbos for the Kiddush). Using the cookies I had yet to decorate, we finagled something that could pass muster in Lakewood and did not require great technical prowess. Shalom al yisroel, I can still show my face in proper society.

I ate those pink and white cookies with my coffee. They tasted great. My other sister in law in Queens is due soon. I might be making another test drive on the pink (or maybe blue) and whites, and see if I’m ready for primetime in Lakewood.

And for those who think I’m crazy, check out the cookies my sister in law sent over for my baby’s Shalom Zachor. This is what I’m up against, and she didn’t take this picture, I did. She thought they weren’t good enough to merit a memory.

It’s not totally about competition, and being good enough, but really doing what’s acceptable and expected in your community. For my ego though, I should maybe consider Queens.

On second thought, Queens is only 20 minutes from Far Rockaway – and my sister – who made these


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Another Reason to Diet

Rooster in grass.

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I hate tree hugger sand the ASPCA. I believe that the world is in the dominion of men and that we are a superior being than other mammals – or any other creature for that matter. With our intelligent reasoning (not just instinct) and our ability to communicate thoughts, emotions, and creative ideas, there’s an obvious difference between the intelligent make-up of man versus other animals.

That being said, I think I’m going all organic, natural, and possibly never eat protein again. After watching Food, Inc, a documentary on the Business of Food in this country, I’m quite horrified. Yes, I was aware of a lot of the issues it raised about corn, high fructose corn syrup, subsidies, fast food, unsanitary conditions in the meat industry, but, as the cliché goes, a picture is worth a thousand words.

Seeing cute peeping chicken (and I hate animals), shut away in the dark, some of them keeling over dead, their bodies unable to sustain its tremendous growth spurt due to the hormones in their feed. Many chickens just being able to plod for 2-3 steps, their bones, unable to support their weight, was a bit disturbing. And then there was a gimpy cow being pushed along the line to slaughter, ragged on because it was moving too slow, and then a stubborn cow, who refused to move, being practically mowed down and prodded along with one of those tractors with pitchforks at the end, meant to maneuver pallets of products.

So maybe a melted on the a bit on the cruelty thing, but then the insanitariness, G-d save us! Putting a face to the e-coli break outs was horrifying. I cried, maybe because I’m a mother, and it was a little 2 year old that died, and my son’s just a bit over one, and it’s scary, and there’s not that much preventative regulation, more like a reaction when there’s a problem. And that’s a BIG problem.

Part of me feels a bit safer, because I eat kosher meat and chicken, and the market is a much smaller scale. But really, who am I kidding, yes, I may be marginally safer than the mass population, but marginally safer is not safe.

And what is this junk that I’m putting into my body, all this corn. I mean , I love it fresh, but then I wonder now if I even know the real taste of fresh corn. All this corn junk, and the subsidizing that goes on (I’ve been railing against subsidies for years, so this part was right up my alley).

I’m just ranting a bit here, without that much substance, sort of working on the assumption that you already know what I’m talking about (and possibly watched the documentary too) – which is writing mistake 101. But I’m really disturbed.

Also, when I watched it, I tried to be objective, see the other side, as a business, as a profit, as capitalism. And you know what, while I understand capitalism, and supply and demand, that should not come at the consumers safeties expense, other expenses of the consumer, yes, safety, no.

When I chose to watch this, like I said, I knew a lot of what it was going to tell me, and I really didn’t want to watch it, because I didn’t want to change anything about my life (but there were no other interesting documentaries to watch – or that there were proper free links to online). Now I’m in turmoil, I did this to myself, but never mind. It’s an interesting watch, may get you up in arms about a few things (If you’re a Rubashkin supporter, you may get very upset about the injustice of his raid, based on the information about illegal workers working for Smithfield) maybe think for a few minutes, and maybe maybe even do something about it.

Below are links to the film, and some issues that it raises.

Film: Food, Inc

Kevin’s Law – Congress

Kevin’s Law – Background

 Monsanto – Agricultural Company Response to Film


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My Own Test Run on Old Age (or a Haiku about the last thing I ate)


Old lady in home

She dunks crackers in juice. Me?

Cookies in coffee

Powered by Plinky

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Give Me Chocolate

I think SD and I should trade places.

My husband tells me that Purim is a man’s YumTif. And I agree. Women though won’t give up with out a fight and have turned Shalach Manos into their battleground.

I hate making shalach manos, I couldn’t care less about themes, creativity and the whole gesheft that it has become.

See when I was single I gave Shalach Manos to a few friends. It was really just a goody exchange, with a lot of chocolate involved. Life was good.

Now that I’m married I’m socially obligated to give a whole bunch a people. While single I fell under the Shalach Manos umbrella of my parents with regard to giving grandparents, sibling, aunts and uncles, and the like. Now I have to present my very own Shalach Manos and start my own umbrella, so to speak.

It’s pathetic how conversations with married friends all turn to “So what are you doing for Purim.” I’m still telling everyone I didn’t decide yet. (At least I have one less obligation of getting into coordinating costumes, you need to have a kid for that to kick in [as a side note, couples can coordinate their costumes, but it’s ok if they don’t. It’s only when there  is a child involved and the costumes, and themes don’t shtim that a stigma is placed])

But considering that there are few day left till Purim, I’ve finally come up with something. I call it my “Anti-theme”

The attached note will read,

There is no theme

And this is not a poem

(although it’s formatted like

One to fool you)

We just put stuff in here

That we like and


You did the same


Freilichen Purim


The TooYoungToTeach Couple


I got 16 square black plates for $1.50 at Wal-mart, some Cellophane paper and ribbons from Target (It’s all about the presentation) And I’m putting in Dipsey Doodles, Dr. Pepper, and Peanut Butter Cups.

Whaddya giving me?


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Marital Fued (food)

I love pizza, yogurt, tacos, coffee, onions, hot pepper, cumin and tomatoes. My husband likes pizza and can tolerate yogurt (in theory) everything else on the aforementioned list is nuclear waste to him: dangerous and garbage.

It’s really normal for people to have different palates and preferences when comes to taste (and smell, we all know the chazal), and I’m not complaining about that…what I am complaining about, well not complaining, but raising a point. Why do I, and most women cook for their husbands taste and not their own?

Yes, of course we want to please out husbands and make them happy. Keep them contented and full, but seriously, I can’t remember the last supper I made with me as top priority. I’d like kid myself that I am just that giving of a wife, but honestly I’m not.

Maybe, I suppose it’s easier to make sacrifices on your own part then expect someone else to do it for you. (Yes, food is a big sacrifice)

I mentioned this to my husband, he heard my point and encouraged me to make supper for myself, this very night.

“Tacos?” I suggested brightly.

“Whatever you want,” he chided.

I perked up, wow, this was beautiful martial giving at work, I knew I married a great guy! “I’m not gonna be home for supper tonight, R’s sheva brachos, remember.” He finished.

Maybe it’s really just that the old adage is right, “The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach” and deep down we instinctively know it’s true, and follow through accordingly.

Whatever the psychology is, I’m having cereal and milk for supper tonight.


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