An Almost Shameless Attempt

15 Apr

My article about my W108 featured on WordPress...

Two posts I read recently on Freshly Pressed, either begged to be featured, or bemoaned the fact that they would never be featured. So based on wonderful statistics, odds and averages (2 posts out of how many?) I’m going to try the same schtick.

Dear Freshly Pressed,
Please feature me. I’m not particularly talented, nor is this post particularly insightful. Nor is it witty, intriguing, fresh, provocative, or any other word associated with good writing. What it is, is desperate. I’m desperate for attention. So desperate, I’m actually admitting this, as my motive (not the ulterior one). Or maybe I’m just such a self-aware, evolved person that I will not lie to myself, or others.

All I’m looking for is for a buncha people to read my post, like it, and a bunch others to write so many comments, that I, the blogger herself, won’t have patience to read till the end, and will be severely deterred to comment back. (I always have this with Freshly Pressed posts, too many comments, and likes, that I don’t even bother with my own two cents – for people who’ve already been Freshly Pressed, take heart in that I’m sure that there are many others out there like me [I’m so self-aware, I can admit I’m not unique without crying] and you are probably owed a few more likes and comments).

Ok, I’m done whining, rambling, and otherwise looking like a desperate fool. Now it’s your turn people of Freshly Pressed, give me a self-esteem.

(And the only way I have the guts to post something as self-serving and pathos-evoking as this is my knowledge that this is an experiment. And of course to make sure you know that I’m not as self-centered, focused and attention seeking as I sound I have to put in this parenthetical disclaimer.)


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4 responses to “An Almost Shameless Attempt

  1. Caroline

    April 15, 2012 at 11:16 pm

    I completely support the writing of this letter, because it is entirely true. I often think that this entire site is a bunch of people yelling “Me! Me! Me!” There may be a few who resist the urge, but I think that we all just want to be liked. As a token of appreciation for your desperation, I have both commented and liked your post. Also, I find WordPress experiments incredibly interesting.

    Best of luck. Desperation has to pay off eventually, right?


  2. Turber

    April 16, 2012 at 5:41 am

    Desperation has become one of my best friends, together with pathetic, and lonely – the only thing is socializing doesn’t seem to agree with them.
    Looks like I’m on my own, but that’s fine – the familiar things always provide most security!

  3. unravelmythoughts

    April 16, 2012 at 2:34 pm

    ur brave! but u never respond to commments either, so it’s annoying to comment on ur blog 😦

  4. TooYoungToTeach

    April 16, 2012 at 10:11 pm

    Unravel: I’m sorry, you’re right, just never really have much to respond, the comment usually says it all. Will a smiley suffice? 🙂


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