Evolution (or attempts at one)

20 Mar

I’ve always been fascinated by the written word, and one of my life long goals is to publish a novel, but and there’s a very big but, that doesn’t mean I have an iota of talent. There are plenty of people out there who dream of becoming the next president, Oscar winner, and quarterback for the Colts, and well, to be kind—they suck. They have no skill, no talent, no finesse, nothing but a dream. Martin Luther King may disagree with me, but I think you need more than a dream to fulfill your dreams.

If you were to read the research and study people who you consider to be a success, you’ll very often find one common denominator – drive, ambition, desire, which in turn leads to effort and productivity. The dream starts the engine, the person has to drive the car from there. These successes most often had good foundations, some talent and skill which were developed further. And getting back to myself, I don’t think I’m that talented as a writer. Maybe a bit more so than the average person, but really nothing too significant. I have however always wanted to be a writer (since 5th grade at least), and I have studied writing, observed craft, and well, have written an awful lot. I was not the most talented, original or natural writer in High School, or College, I was the only one who wanted it though, and of my classmates, as far as I know, I’m the only one with a blog (going on 4 years!), and I teach writing.

So while, I haven’t achieved my goal—yet, and I don’t think I’m that good—yet , I’m definitely WAY better than I used to be. I look back at my earlier masterpieces and cringe, there’s no structure, development, character, craft, it’s wanting from everything that qualifies as “good writing”. Through a lot trial and error, practice, learning and yes, desire, I’ve improved. And while I’m not the next Austen or Woolf, I think I have a shot at entertaining you.

If you want to see the evolution yourself, it’s documented in this blog. Start from the beginning, and you’ll see the progression. Or if you have no patience, and want the work done for you, I’m willing to post old works of mine, on the condition that you promise to be nice – some are that bad. Let me know in the comments – and raise your glass to many bad (but entertaining [in a laugh at me way]) posts! Your choice.


Ok, I’ll admit it, this post was a cop-out. I’m suffering a minor writer’s block and figured I could put of a few post of old stuff, with the disclaimer that they’re well, not so good. You don’t seem to buying it, or all that interested. Don’t blame you if you wanted to read bad writing you could just— nah, I’m not gonna go there. In any case here’s to inspiration, and time and patience to actually follow it.


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2 responses to “Evolution (or attempts at one)

  1. Dude

    March 21, 2012 at 11:38 pm

    In other words you need not only a dream, but also patience for experience, and experience comes with effort, willingness to dig and discover, and lots of trials and fails.

  2. TooYoungToTeach

    March 22, 2012 at 11:38 pm

    Yup, exactly what I was saying, in one sentence 🙂


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