My New Psychic Prowess

19 Mar

“Ring ring”

TYTT: Hello?

Other Person: Hi


Other Person: Whats up?

TYTT: Nuffin much.

Other Person: Did anything today?

TYTT: Buncha stuff.

Other Person: Like?

TYTT: Laundry.

Other Person: Fun.


Other Person: Dats it?

TYTT: No, I cleaned, E threw up in three different spots.

Other Person: Eurgh!!

TYTT: Ye, it was kinda gross, I had to get rid of all the big undigested pieces before I could tackled the juices and smell

Other Person: You’re grossing me out.

TYTT: Sorry.

Other Person: Did anything exciting today?

TYTT: Ummm…not exciting, but I did a lot.

Other Person: Like?

TYTT: I cleaned my fridge, and pantry, told you I did laundry, three loads, middle of folding the second, I tutored– two different jobs, made lunch, and suppers on the way. Oh, also, I prepped for tomorrow, marked papers, and fixed up a report.

Other Person: Wow!

TYTT: Yeah, I’m productive. Making you feel inferior?

Other Person: Well, you never asked how my day was, maybe I did more than you.

TYTT: Nah.

Other Person: You’re doubting my capabilities?


Other Person: Then are you gonna ask me about my day?

TYTT: Nope

Other Person: Why not?

TYTT: I already know what you did – you drank coffee, got a new dress, are excited for your friend’s wedding,went to sheva brachos last night, made cookies, ate ice cream, coveted other peoples clothing.

Other Person: Wow, you have ESP?

TYTT: Nope, just friends with you on Facebook.

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One response to “My New Psychic Prowess

  1. Chay

    July 16, 2012 at 5:41 pm

    Ha! I love that I know exactly who ur talking about. I’m FB friends with her too 😉


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