29 Jan

My kid pooped in the tub today. I write that like it’s something new; it’s not. He seems to do it every time he takes a bath. The whole thing is perfectly planned, as the water is going down, near the end, he’ll start crouching and I know what’s coming.

And I have to clean and disinfect the whole bathtub because when I try to pick up the poop with a stack of tissues, it usually breaks apart and floats away in a million itty bitty pieces. I reek like Lysol, which I suppose is a better reek than others. Sometimes I wonder what I prefer.

If he did it before I gave him a bath, then, I have to wipe him down before the bath, dump him in the bath and clean him again.

If he did it after, then I basically cleaned him for nothing, and I have to wipe him down, change his diaper, the gantza gesheft.

If he does it when he currently does it, it’s a clean wipe, and even though I’m complaining about cleaning the bathtub, it’s actually easier than cleaning him (hint: the tub doesn’t resist or fight back)

I asked my mother in the classic “Would you rather…” form.

“Bathtub, just scoop it up in a cup and it’s done.”

Ahhhh, a cup, that’s genius, I am now happy with my lot.


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2 responses to ““Poop”spective

  1. unravelmythoughts

    January 30, 2012 at 9:38 pm


  2. jen

    February 1, 2012 at 2:37 pm

    it’s only gross the first few times…till you gotta do it. again….and then again….
    then it’s just part of life. like lice in israel!
    yeah, cups work


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