Hairy Situation

03 Jan
Countess of Artois by Dumont

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My students were very upset today, so naturally they came complaining to me. No, not because I’m the wise and sagely, guiding light inspiration of a teacher, but they’re scared of Macbeth, well, not really scared, they’re just not in the mood of thinking.

In any case, what were they up in arms about this time you ask. The school scheduled their graduation pictures for 10:00 in the morning. The fastest and smartest girl called up the salon and made her hair appointment for 9:15 in the morning. After her, well, there would be none, or the girls would be late, which was unacceptable.

And my students need their hair blown.

This timing was not done without consideration to the students’ need. Their mental needs though, not physical. The administration does not want there to be a pressure among the girls to have their hair professionally done, so in order to circumvent the inevitable pressure, they made the scheduling of said professional hair, near impossible.

Forget that Seniors are told that their graduation picture will predict their marital success, but focus on the larger picture of peer pressure.

These girls are in 12th grade, they’ve spent a good portion of their academic career being told about the evils of peer pressure, and to love themselves. Constantly told, “when you’re faced with peer pressure, when you start to feel jealous, when you start to feel down on yourself…”

Why is it “when” it should be is.

School is a microcosm of the real world, the same emotions and challenges, just on smaller scales, and where it’s ok to fail, and learn – where the consequences aren’t as dire. And you’ll get another chance.

The administration is coddling these girls, making everyone equal, because G-d forbid we wouldn’t want someone to feel bad about themselves, and their place in life.

Isn’t 12th grade a time to start transitioning a bit? It’s just a blow-out.

Or am I the one missing something.


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2 responses to “Hairy Situation

  1. JerusalemStoned

    January 4, 2012 at 4:18 am

    It’s a pretend world in there….where girls are told not to go to college but to marry a learning boy, for example. Actually, that can work. Simply go back in time and be born again to rich parents.

    Oh, I’m sorry. Is this not my soap box?

  2. Princess Lea

    January 4, 2012 at 11:12 am

    After seeing how a lot of my BY classmates ended up (FB is a little too informative) I am stunned. But what is sad is how the BY’s think that by insanely restricting the students while they have them will be a constant when they leave.

    We did our photos on a Sunday, with time slots. Of course girls should be able to get their hair done (not that I did). But these teachers have to acknowledge that these girls will NOT be under their control forever, and have to let some things go.

    I see my former classmates in jeans and v-neck tops and mini skirts. Did it really matter if my skirt is midcalf or an inch higher.


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