Another Reason to Diet

08 Nov
Rooster in grass.

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I hate tree hugger sand the ASPCA. I believe that the world is in the dominion of men and that we are a superior being than other mammals – or any other creature for that matter. With our intelligent reasoning (not just instinct) and our ability to communicate thoughts, emotions, and creative ideas, there’s an obvious difference between the intelligent make-up of man versus other animals.

That being said, I think I’m going all organic, natural, and possibly never eat protein again. After watching Food, Inc, a documentary on the Business of Food in this country, I’m quite horrified. Yes, I was aware of a lot of the issues it raised about corn, high fructose corn syrup, subsidies, fast food, unsanitary conditions in the meat industry, but, as the cliché goes, a picture is worth a thousand words.

Seeing cute peeping chicken (and I hate animals), shut away in the dark, some of them keeling over dead, their bodies unable to sustain its tremendous growth spurt due to the hormones in their feed. Many chickens just being able to plod for 2-3 steps, their bones, unable to support their weight, was a bit disturbing. And then there was a gimpy cow being pushed along the line to slaughter, ragged on because it was moving too slow, and then a stubborn cow, who refused to move, being practically mowed down and prodded along with one of those tractors with pitchforks at the end, meant to maneuver pallets of products.

So maybe a melted on the a bit on the cruelty thing, but then the insanitariness, G-d save us! Putting a face to the e-coli break outs was horrifying. I cried, maybe because I’m a mother, and it was a little 2 year old that died, and my son’s just a bit over one, and it’s scary, and there’s not that much preventative regulation, more like a reaction when there’s a problem. And that’s a BIG problem.

Part of me feels a bit safer, because I eat kosher meat and chicken, and the market is a much smaller scale. But really, who am I kidding, yes, I may be marginally safer than the mass population, but marginally safer is not safe.

And what is this junk that I’m putting into my body, all this corn. I mean , I love it fresh, but then I wonder now if I even know the real taste of fresh corn. All this corn junk, and the subsidizing that goes on (I’ve been railing against subsidies for years, so this part was right up my alley).

I’m just ranting a bit here, without that much substance, sort of working on the assumption that you already know what I’m talking about (and possibly watched the documentary too) – which is writing mistake 101. But I’m really disturbed.

Also, when I watched it, I tried to be objective, see the other side, as a business, as a profit, as capitalism. And you know what, while I understand capitalism, and supply and demand, that should not come at the consumers safeties expense, other expenses of the consumer, yes, safety, no.

When I chose to watch this, like I said, I knew a lot of what it was going to tell me, and I really didn’t want to watch it, because I didn’t want to change anything about my life (but there were no other interesting documentaries to watch – or that there were proper free links to online). Now I’m in turmoil, I did this to myself, but never mind. It’s an interesting watch, may get you up in arms about a few things (If you’re a Rubashkin supporter, you may get very upset about the injustice of his raid, based on the information about illegal workers working for Smithfield) maybe think for a few minutes, and maybe maybe even do something about it.

Below are links to the film, and some issues that it raises.

Film: Food, Inc

Kevin’s Law – Congress

Kevin’s Law – Background

 Monsanto – Agricultural Company Response to Film


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4 responses to “Another Reason to Diet

  1. Princess Lea

    November 8, 2011 at 11:05 am

    I’ve been food conscious for a while. There are kosher chickens available (Kosher Valley, I think it’s called) where they weren’t fed hormones. To get grass-fed meat, however costs a lot more.

    I stopped eating most packaged foods, avoiding unnecessary preservatives and that sort of thing.

    Kosher food items are bought not only by Jews, but by those who associate “kosher” with “superior.”

    With higher awareness, hopefully soon we can buy meat items where the chickens and cows had a pretty good life before they faced the knife.

  2. D

    November 10, 2011 at 2:29 am

    I have not watched the film yet. I am afraid it will make me go vegetarian again. 🙂

  3. TooYoungToTeach

    November 12, 2011 at 9:07 pm

    D – Again? What made you do it the first time, and what got you back on meat? Y’know even if I wanted to go vegatarian, refined sugar free, white flour free, and all that jazz, I wouldn’t even know where to start. But Princess Lea could probably help me out there…right?

  4. Princess Lea

    December 8, 2011 at 12:03 pm

    Didn’t see this until now. I could help you go white flour free, but there is no such thing, in my world, as sugar free. Sugar is forever, bless it.


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