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21 Sep

I know a few bloggers

Some I knew before, some I got to know, some I’m a bit creepy, and I figured out who they were, so well, I know them too, they just don’t necessarily know that I know it’s them when I read their blog, (I don’t do it on purpose, it just hits me and all the pieces click – this happened with at least three blogs!)

Regardless, it’s always more interesting to read the blog of someone you know. You know their background, the people in their life, their personalities. Very often you know the other side of the story, the personalities involved, and how a story or piece came to be.

There are times where I get upset, because I’m featured in blog post, and think I’m being misrepresented. Or other times, other people I know are being roasted, and I don’t think it’s validated. But most of the time, it’s just fun to get a glimpse into the lives and thoughts of people you know, but they would never share these tidbits with you regularly, because you just don’t have that relationship. Or my friends that know I have a blog, enjoy reading it, as a way of keeping in touch with me, because I don’t call or speak to anyone.

I any case, today, I cried, like really cried from a blog post. There is a blogger that I don’t know per se, but we have mutual acquaintances (my sister and her sister), for once I wish I didn’t know who she was. If I didn’t know who she was I could read her post today and think, “Oh, that’s really sad, some people have really difficult and sad aspects in their lives”. It would give me some perspective, I’d count my blessings and move on.

But I know these people. I know who this situation is affecting. I see if in front of me, when I talk to my sister, I can feel the manifestation. When I text her friend, I feel the tension. And I’m not counting my blessings today, I’m just crying, because it hurts and it’s scary, and the inevitable is approaching.

Sometimes, knowing too much isn’t a good thing.

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One response to “Behind the Blog

  1. jen

    September 21, 2011 at 1:48 pm

    it made me cry too


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