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Saving the World, One Inadequacy At a Time

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I never fully appreciated what a good person I am, and the amazing service I provide for humanity.

You know when you’re nervous about doing something, anxious about the process, can you do it, make it, or will it ever happen to you? Like can you land a job, get a date, get married, pass your road test, manage labor naturally, be a mother, or father?

One tool people find very helpful is to find someone who they would generally think very unlikely to complete that given task or milestone, and to pump yourself up and say “If they can do it, then I totally can!”

Basically, by putting the other person down, because you believe them to be weaker or more incompetent than you, or incompatible in some way or another, you get this reassurance that if they can do it, you can to, and a drive to prove that right.

We’re all guilty of this. I looked at some friends when it came to driving, completing assignments, getting the courage to speak up…

Of course there is a major flaw in this whole system because the whole premise is that you perceive the other person to be lacking, and that you are not. Key word is perceive, perception is not objective reality. But never mind the flaws, the system works for a lot of people (well, most people, until they fail to achieve whatever it is).

So, who are these pathetic beings that people use to make themselves feel better about themselves, give them courage and hope in hard and dark times. Who are these selfless saviors of humanity that selflessly achieve just for others to believe that they can do it to?

Well, one person…ME!

I did the world a great favor by getting married. If I could get married to the type of man that I did, then anyone else can get the man of their dream.

I also encouraged the world by having a baby. You see I’m not exactly the poster child for motherhood, I scare kids, and babies and I don’t have a sweet high pitch cooing bone in my body. I had a baby (well, anyone can have a baby, there are 13 year old doing it every day), am managing just fine, and I am a very maternal cootchie mootchie mother. Never mind the fact that I always said I hated kids, and just give them to me as teenagers.

So for those of you who wondered if you will ever get married, and those who lie awake at night wondering if you could manage the mandatory sleep deprivation that motherhood demands, you owe me one, because today you know YOU CAN!


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