Living Yesterday’s History

23 Aug

My friend called me today. She’s pregnant, and the shidduch she’s been working on is getting engaged.

I was talking to another friend, her baby’s walking.

Another friend had her third recently and regaled me with her disastrous night with all three kids up and wanting Mommy.

I just had my own kid, and it’s starting to hit me; I’m growing up.

We’re growing up, me and all my friends.

 We’re in responsible adult roles, mature relationships, having children, holding down jobs, running households, configuring budgets; we’re living our lives, not waiting for it to start anymore.

It’s scary and wondrous to think about it.

You look at your parents and wonder what they were like when they were younger. You look at their best friends and wonder what their relationship was like back then, or who did your parents associate with when you were born, how did they change, or stay the same. What did they look like? What did they wear?  What was your parents’ relationship like in their early marriage?

I’m living the curiosities of my children right now. What will they think, will they approve, be proud, be befuddled, bemused, entertained?

Besides for growing up, I have to mature, be the person I want my children to have as a parent. Do the right things, be in the right places, have the right hashkafos, the right friends…it’s like high school and shidduchim all over again, just a role reversal. I’m seeking my child’s approval.

So we’re growing up, were becoming families, and units, and life is happening every day; it’s an awesome and terrifying time to be alive.

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One response to “Living Yesterday’s History

  1. jennifer

    August 24, 2010 at 3:01 pm

    yay! i made it into a post~

    very true- i agree with everything you wrote. sometimes I wish I could live in never land and just keep on enjoying this time – it’s scary, as we grow older the responsibilities grow too – as my m-i-l just told me – little children, little problems – big children, big problems! hashem should give us strength and direction to be the best we can be!!


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