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Jewelry and Pesach

If you’ve ever asked yourself the question, and I’m sure you have “Why should I blog”. I’ll give you a real simple reason. Free stuff.

Blogging is a great marketing tool, and companies wanting to get their names out are approaching the authors of popular and diverse blogs to give their company a shout out, a possibly direct traffic their company’s way. The way they get into the good graces of bloggers is by offering them the opportunity to review their products, and of course, receive a free product or two to review.

Everyone wins, a real beauty of a system.

So, I was approached by the Jewelry Website LuShae Jewelry to review their products, and I got to scoot on over to their website and pick any piece I wanted, free of charge. It was a great experience for several reasons.

1)      I was validated as a blogger that I was approached

2)      It was a really user-friendly website with great descriptions, and selection for all different tastes, fine, funky, fierce, fun!

3)      I got an AWESOME ring!!!Matte Squares Ring

(my husband now says he’s not getting me anything for Pesach…defaulting on his kesuba obligations already…)

So really, I recommend you go over and check out their site, they have great products, great selection (rings, pendants, necklaces, bracelets, earrings) and awesome prices.  Even if you’re not gonna buy anything you should go on over, they have interesting informative articles on the history of jewelry, how to care for your jewelry etc.

Have Fun

Happy Shopping


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For Sale: Wedding Gown

I’m selling my wedding gown.

I thought I’d keep it forever, stowed away in a dry cleaners preservation box. But, I guess I lost some of my sentimentality in marriage, in favor of making a few needed dollars.

It’s pretty, no?

Basic details: Size 4, pure white, layered organza, 3/4 sleeves, square neck, detachable train, worn once. I’m asking under $1000, price is negotiable

If you’re interested, or know anyone interested, you can contact me via e-mail:

You can also just comment on what a beautiful bride I was 🙂


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Intellectually Challenged

I firmly believe that smart girls need smart boys, but smart boys don’t need smart girls.

I have a genius friend though who argued the point.

“But B,” I protested. “ A guy who’s not smart wouldn’t get half the things you say, and you love to argue a point, take any side, but you thoroughly enjoy the mental challenge of making a point, supporting it, and winning. A stupid guy, or even average guy, could not follow and be able to match your wits.”

She laughed lightly.

“I know, so then I always get to win.”

It was light conversation, and funny comment in context, but I think what she said is actually one of the reasons why men don’t need smart women.

(Ye, men are wimps when it comes to losing, no matter how gracefully they do it)


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