The Crossing of Marriage and Life

27 Jan

Before you get married everyone tells you marriage is a growing experience.

You grow as a person and a couple. You learn to put up and shut up about some things. You learn how to control your temper, understand or at least appreciate other perspectives.  You learn think twice before you speak and how to phrase your words. You learn to respect privacy, boundaries, and opinions You learn to pick your battles, and discern what’s important in the long run, and what can fall to the way side.

This is good growth, and healthy marriage practices.

My only question is, this whole growing process, is it to be shared and spread onto other aspects of your life, working relationships, family relationships, children?

I’m assuming not, because if it were so I must come to the conclusion that most people are miserable in their marriages….

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One response to “The Crossing of Marriage and Life

  1. Princess Lea

    January 28, 2010 at 12:51 pm

    Meaning you find the majority of humanity’s behavior with their fellow man to be supremely lacking?

    You are going by the assumption that all couples try their utmost best with their spouses, a highly optimistic view. Some give the world a cheerful face, come home and rip into their beloved. Some function vice-versa.

    There are a few supremely sweet and lovely people out there who can manage to do both.

    Do you know of any couples who make every effort with each other and not their children? The relationship between adults and between adults and children is different.


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