Marital Fued (food)

01 Dec

I love pizza, yogurt, tacos, coffee, onions, hot pepper, cumin and tomatoes. My husband likes pizza and can tolerate yogurt (in theory) everything else on the aforementioned list is nuclear waste to him: dangerous and garbage.

It’s really normal for people to have different palates and preferences when comes to taste (and smell, we all know the chazal), and I’m not complaining about that…what I am complaining about, well not complaining, but raising a point. Why do I, and most women cook for their husbands taste and not their own?

Yes, of course we want to please out husbands and make them happy. Keep them contented and full, but seriously, I can’t remember the last supper I made with me as top priority. I’d like kid myself that I am just that giving of a wife, but honestly I’m not.

Maybe, I suppose it’s easier to make sacrifices on your own part then expect someone else to do it for you. (Yes, food is a big sacrifice)

I mentioned this to my husband, he heard my point and encouraged me to make supper for myself, this very night.

“Tacos?” I suggested brightly.

“Whatever you want,” he chided.

I perked up, wow, this was beautiful martial giving at work, I knew I married a great guy! “I’m not gonna be home for supper tonight, R’s sheva brachos, remember.” He finished.

Maybe it’s really just that the old adage is right, “The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach” and deep down we instinctively know it’s true, and follow through accordingly.

Whatever the psychology is, I’m having cereal and milk for supper tonight.


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3 responses to “Marital Fued (food)

  1. corner point

    December 1, 2009 at 7:13 pm

    I’m beginning to wonder if maybe this kind of thing happens because of the diet guys are used to–especially if they’ve been away in Yeshiva for upwards of 8 years or so. What do they have in a Yeshiva dining room? Chicken, some rice, an unidentified vegetable. Sometimes meatballs, sometimes a kugel or something. No cumin or hot peppers or tacos for them to try and develop a taste for.

    When I served tacos for dinner, my husband was like, “What is that?” “You’ve never had tacos before?” “Uh….what are tacos..?” Poor guy. For 11 years of his life he’d pretty much been eating Yeshiva turkey patties every night…

    Maybe your husband can get used to the kinds of foods you like–he might just not be used to the taste and he can slowly develop it. Perhaps you can try to make dinner that you like and ask him to humor you and give it a chance.

  2. harryer-than-them-all

    December 1, 2009 at 9:06 pm

    some people just don’t like spicy foods.
    there has got to be something aside for pizza in common.

    but i don’t think it has to do with being in yeshiva for many years. everybody enjoys a good home-cooked meal, just some don’t like variety. they stick with what they know, and won’t experiment. I mean if he’s never had it before he would be more resistant to it.

  3. Moshe

    December 2, 2009 at 2:45 am

    Excuse me, but it’s not just men. You women are just as bad.

    My wife can’t stand peanut butter and doesn’t like spicy. Doesn’t like chicken breast either.
    I end up only making mild curry and if I want to do chicken in peanut butter sauce, I have to make a separate tray with BBQ sauce.


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