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Follow The Fold

When you start running your home, you begin to appreciate different types of talent, and suddenly those American Idol contestants, that kid piano player on Leno, and Obama’s charisma seem like amateur night at the local PTA.

You begin to recognize new talent, and all you can do is stand back and watch in awe. I’m talking about the ability to decide what to make for supper in less than an hour and clean bathtub drains without passing out, and MOST of all, the ability to fold a fitted sheet.

Seriously, folding a fitted sheet just may well be the biggest challenge in keeping your in order.

My neat freak sister is married 7 years and she has still not mastered this ubertalent

My sister-in-law says it’s the against the laws of physics to turn something round into something rectangular.

My mother though has this secretly sought after momentous skill…and she’s been trying to pass it on to her children, but to no avail so far…I think though that I have the potential to master the furtive fold.

The first time I attempted to fold my linen, I had my mother on speakerphone guiding me through the process, and it came out right…ish. I got the concept but I had to smooth out a few bumps (figurative) and lumps (literal). I had my mother guiding me the other times too…till today.

My mother’s phone was off, and I could not reach her. I had already folded the pillowcases and blanketcovers yesterday, I left the sheets for today’s project on my to do list.

What to do?!

What else, but,


It directed me to several YouTube videos on how to fold fitted sheets like a pro.

I’m not a pro yet, but I’m well on my way.

Household runners in the world, ENVY ME!

I am a force to behold!

I have conquered THE FITTED SHEET in less than 3 months

(As a side point my husband thinks I’m crazy that I even thought to google it, and even more so the people that put together those clips)


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