Reality Interrupts

18 Dec

Something Different wrote a great post about shidduchim titled “The Big But”. I recommend you all check out…I just want to add a little post-script to the post.


When people have “apparent” strikes against them in the realm of shidduchim, be it,


Physical Health issues

Mental Heath issues

Broken Families

Sibling off the derech

S/he was quasi off, but straightened him/herself out

No money

No looks


The skies the limit with “strikes”.


Everyone always gives the same chizuk,


-I t’s your nisayon

– It only takes one

– Your “strike” will be the answer


These may be the answers…and if you think about it, it makes sense. And five years down the road, it’ll all be resolved and water under the bridge for most people…but it’s very hard living your life, keeping it in mind, because reality interrupts and emotions rule logic. At least in Shidduchim it does.


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One response to “Reality Interrupts

  1. Something Different

    December 18, 2008 at 11:01 pm

    Wow, thanks a lot! A “great post” you called it? Um….like I said, I never decline a compliment.
    I like your post script. People, please remember that chizuk is nice to have for yourself…but very much not appreciated when it’s for someone else…and you have never been thru anything similar! The only kind of chizuk people appreciate is from BTDT (been there done that) kinda people.

    Thanks again for the reccimendation, SI!


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