Pay your way to good grades

21 Jul

I was in Target today, looking at school supplies.

Actually, I was there just to pass the time so I wouldn’t focus on the fact that I hadn’t eaten all day, and still had three hours to go. So while I was there is spent most of my time drooling over the school supplies.

I have this thing with school supplies. They just look so important and efficient. I look at them and see “instant success” blinking on top of them. Of course I’m rational and logical, and know that post-it flags that I have no use for aren’t going to make me a better teacher or grad student. On second though, I just use that logic as a rationale of why I don’t actually buy any of these supplies. Because they are so darn EXPENSIVE!!!

Why does it cost $5 for two pads of paper, measuring 1 inch by 1 inch with a light adhesive covering about ¼ of the back!?!

And why does paper about as thin as my flimsy nails (I need a manicure!) cost a dollar a sheet?

Am I the only one who thinks these prices are retarded, or am I just ignorant (don’t answer that).

Who actually pays these prices? Because three days before school, I make a dash to Amazing Savings to fight to pay a whopping  99 cents for a stack of 200 post it notes to stick all viciously in my illegible handwriting all over my students papers.

Everyone else seems to be there too, picking up loose-leafs for a dollar, not five. Pens for a dollar and not three, two packages of lined paper a dollar not $2.50 each!

Anywhoo…Target didn’t have that good a selection anyway. They were highly biased in the lines they carried, and didn’t include some of the “ahem” better lines. You should go to Staples if you really want to see variety and go to School/office supplies heaven.

Which reminds me that Target had a really bad and limited selection of organizers, all they had was a whole bunch of stuff my this frank guy who apparently gives seminars on keeping yourself organized, but the stupid thing gives you know room to write anything to actually organize yourself. Where is my to-do list supposed to go….I liked the one I had this year…it was from Staples…I’m biased…I’m allowed to be…it’s my blog  =)





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One response to “Pay your way to good grades

  1. bad4shidduchim

    July 31, 2008 at 3:27 am

    Dunno which Target you were in, but the new one on Flatbush Avenue is just rotten when it comes to selection in anything. We tried doing some shower shopping there once, and were severely disappointed.


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