Flawed Perspective

10 Jul

I rip people apart.


I dissect their face, their body, their wardrobe, their personality.


Not to be mean, not to gossip, just out of plain old curiosity.


Very often, I’ll look at someone, and very rudely in my head go,


“I’d never be able to live with her nose/calves/teeth/stomach etc., how do they deal with it?”


And then I realized, I live just fine with my own flaws: my thin hair, my weird nose profile, my short legs, my bad skin, my tiny stick-straight eyelashes. I don’t deny their existence, but I focus on my assets, like my eyes, and tiny waist, thin ankles, straight teeth, and pray that other people do the same (apparently not, considering that I don’t).


I’m sure that there are other people looking at me with thoughts similar to mine, that they’d die before they have my ______, but you know what, I’m happy with my looks. Sure, there are days when I feel like moldy bread is more appealing than I am, but I’m ok with my flaws.


No, I’m not all free-spirited, and liberated, claiming I love my flaws, I don’t.  I said I’m ok with them, I know how to deal with them. I know how to add volume to hair, dab pimple cream on, curl my eyelashes, wear really high heels, or ignore them.


So, While I may understand that we each have our own little package of flaws to deal with, and that I’m dealing with mine…and that if I had someone else’s, I’d probably be dealing with it too……..I’m still going to dissect you, take you apart, analyze your every move, and thank G-d that I’m me.







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