Ride to Beauty

07 Jul

You know there are those days where you just feel ugly. Your skin is blotchy, and makes your nose look bigger. Your hair seems to have been inspired by a peacock; your eyes are drooping because you haven’t slept in three days. You’re feeling fat and your shoes are hurting you…forget about the fact that all these symptoms may be in your head, as long as you feel that way, you are that way…


Today, I have discovered a lovely remedy to this malady. Ride the train.


People who ride trains are much uglier than me. Their fat rolls are more pronounced. Their balk spot is bigger. Their legs are hairier.  Their figure: lopsided, eyes: lazy, lips: thin…anything you have wrong, they have it worse.


And besides, they have terrible taste in clothing.


I don’t know if it’s just the trains in New York, the lines I ride, or the time of day I’m riding (or maybe I’m just so gorgeous that even on my ugly days I can still be vain), but it works.


So, if you’re ever having one of THOSE days…ride the train and get back on track to the rail of sanity.

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