Cheesy (as in pathetic) Cheese

04 Jul

Food is overrated.


Actually, more accurately, cheese is overrated.


Cheese is pretty. It looks great, and makes for an awesome commercial.


Its color, texture, properties, uses, makes it a very marketable product. And so it is.


Except, when you actually eat it; it falls flat.


Not saying it’s bad, but with all the built up expectations, you’d expect more. If cheese looked like poop balls, and tasted the same, I wouldn’t be making the argument. But since I can’t see a single food commercial without cheese oozing, dripping, flowing, squeezed from every office of whatever food is on display, and it looks SOOO good, is why I’m saying it.


I scrape off the cheese when I eat pizza. The real reason is, I’m pretending to be on a diet, but honestly the pizza tastes as good with or without the cheese. So either I have AWESOME pizza sauce, or cheese is overrated.


Don’t worry, I still use plenty of cheese. It makes a great glue. It keeps my eggplant parmesan together in nice layers, the stuffing’s of my tuna melt in place…my point is that the big cheese conglomerates are out to get your money…just saying, buyer beware.


Seriously, just kidding, I love cheese, even if it does fall short (I was serious about that).

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One response to “Cheesy (as in pathetic) Cheese

  1. cheese

    July 4, 2008 at 5:22 pm

    Honestly, I love Cheesey things so to me its not overated! Pizza does need a great sauce or else yet what would it be without the cheese? an oozy piece of dough?


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