Burned Palate Addict

30 Jun

I think I may be starting to “get” drug addicts, smokes, and anyone with a any sort of bad vice.


I burned my palate today. Yay.


The thing is, I knew I was going to burn my palate. Not like the second before it happens you know it will, but that I was consciously aware of what I was doing that would eventually lead me to have a painful, shredding palate.


I love hot food, not spicy hot, but physically hot. The hotter, the better (one of my many mantras). So, made myself a grilled cheese today. It was great, thanks for asking, but now I’m in pain.


I can’t stop running my tongue over the area, feeling the parts that are too smooth and sore, to the parts that are starting to shred. It hurts, and I’m complaining about it to everyone I know. And I’m not going to do a thing about it. I’m actually sipping a piping cup of hazelnut coffee now, which at the same time feels so good, and is irritating my palate terribly.


The temporary gratification of hot food consuming my mouth and flooding my senses with a powerful overwhelming feeling of “Whhooo!” is worth the three days of no taste. I would do it all over again


Now I know this is kinda insignificant and minimal in comparison to a chain smoker, drug addict, or bulimic, but it’s the same psychosis. I’m just lucky to have a vice that’s not gonna kill me.


This actually scares me now, does that mean that I have the mental capacity to become an addict? I always thought I was too strong for that, but maybe not…Wow, I should be telling my mother she should be happy I’m only complaining about my palate and not a possibly hangover, smokers cough, or a bad trip…


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